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Every adult who has children should carefully think over their leisure time during vacation, because kids might become naughty and twitchy without interesting entertainment. Amusement parks in this situation are a real salvation for parents, because during a couple of hours they can relax and just watch the children having fun. There is one of such parks in the city of Thessaloniki — it is called Magic Park. However, it cannot impress the visitors with the popularity of Disney Park in Paris or high-tech solutions like Universal Studios.

Magic Park is a classic amusement park where you can take amusement rides and gorge candyfloss.

The park will seem to small kids to be a huge Wonderland, as its total area is 65 000 square metres. For their special benefit, more than ten interesting attractions were created. They can ride elephants in a merry-go-round, feel like adults in the driver’s seat of a mini-car with real control or go down a water slide. It is worth noting that there are several water attractions in the park.

The elder children will find some more extreme entertainment here. For example:

  • 4G swing. This entertainment is only for people with a good vestibular labyrinth, as the swing is turning in four directions in turn at a height of 40 m.
  • The Giant Slide. This is a huge 35-meter slide with six separate tracks.
  • Tagada. This entertainment is for those who want to feel inside a working washing machine;
  • Flying Swing. The attraction for adult fans of the merry-go-round. You will also circle around, but at a height.

For little fans of vampires, werewolves, spirits and zombies there is a Tunnel of horrors.

In addition to free rides, there are paid ones. For example, slot machines and shooting galleries require special slugs that can be bought at the entrance. 

While the children are actively spending their time, adults can enjoy a quiet and peaceful rest, riding on the Panoramic wheel, and they will be impressed by a breathtaking view of the city from its top point.

In case the kids get hungry, there are several small cafes in the park, where you can order pizza, burgers, French fries, souvlaki, breaded chicken, beef patty and juice.

There are several buses from the city to the park:

  • No. 2, 3 and 8. The bus stop is called "IKEA Store". The Magic Park is 10-15 minutes’ walk from it. Mediterranean Cosmos shopping centre is located next to the park.
  • No. 45. It departs from Macedonia Intercity Bus Station. The stop you need is Mediterranean Cosmos;
  • No. 31 — reach Voulgari terminal station by it. There you have to make a transfer to the bus number 36 and go to Mediterranean Cosmos.

If you go by car, here is the route: 

  • following in the direction of Thessaloniki's Makedonia Airport (Leoforos Georgikis Scholis), turn left, reaching the traffic lights located right in front of the Interbalkan Medical Center. Then follow the route in the direction to Chalkidiki (Leoforos Konstantinou Karamanli), turn right at the 12th kilometre mark when you reach Mediterranean Cosmos.


  1. We recommend to book tickets online on the website of the Magic Park, because it will be cheaper. They do not have be printed – it will be enough to show the electronic version at the entrance. Tickets do not have a visit date, so they can be purchased at any time.
  2. For buying of each ticket, you get a coupon for €1, which can be used on the food court.
  3. There is a large shopping center not far from the park. We recommend to combine shopping and visiting the attractions.