Umbrellas Zongopoulos
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The Thessaloniki embankment is a celebrated spot in the city. It’s a great avenue for the locals and travelers alike, who like to stroll here, as it offers amazing locations for impressive photos! With the beautiful Thermaikos bay and the mount Olympus capped with snow, this street is filled with beautiful and pleasant parks, squares, and historical and modern artworks. The Umbrellas Zongopoulos is a popular place for photography and one of the contemporary symbols of Thessaloniki.

Basic Information

The Umbrellas Zongopoulos has quickly become a popular sight of Thessaloniki and decorates the waterfront near the White Tower, which is well-known as a symbol of the city. There are 40 umbrellas with transparent domes, floating above the ground in various heights, and providing shelter for passers-by from the rain. Moreover, the diagonal stainless steel beams, sustaining them, look like rain cascading from the sky.

The nearby fountain adds to the composition’s air of grace and light. After dark, the structure is magically lit up with a special lighting feature at its base.


Yorgos Zongolopoulos, the brain behind the iconic «umbrellas» piece, was an eminent greek sculptor and artist who made a name for himself beyond the boundaries of his homeland. A member of the «1930s generation», zongolopoulos' works are featured in many collections, both at home and overseas. Additionally, his sculptural masterpieces can be seen in the open air in cities all over Greece and the world.

Yorgos Zongolopoulos was invited to take part in the Venice Biennale on seven occasions, each time representing his country. In 1995, at the centenary edition of the event, he presented the artwork «umbrellas» (Umbrellas Zongopoulos), which was put up on a platform in the entrance and became the talk of the town. Two years later, when Thessaloniki was awarded the title of european capital of culture, this piece was installed close to the Macedonia palace. After redevelopment of the waterfront, the installation moved to the Alexander the Great and White Tower sites, becoming a beloved symbol of the city. Over time, the construction was reinforced with metal rods to protect it from strong winds.

Yorgos Zongolopoulos' remarkable success with his first installation led him to create two additional works of art: one in Syntagma metro station in Athens, made of stainless steel, umbrellas and stairs; and another 13 m tall sculpture at the beach in Marasi area near Alexandria, Egypt.

Umbrellas Zongopoulos can be found close to the White Tower in Thessaloniki, with a monument to Alexander the Great just a few minutes away. Taking a stroll from Aristotle square, one could reach the embankment in 10–15 minutes.

If you’re coming into Thessaloniki from another area, public transport is the way to go. Buses 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 31, 39 and 58 will take you to the Stratigio (or Museum of Byzantine culture) stop. For the Сity Hall stop, hop on buses 3, 5, 6, 33, 39 and 78.


The Umbrellas Zongopoulos is the perfect place to get stunning snaps that will help you to remember your time in Thessaloniki. You can take photos from different angles or attempt to jump for an umbrella for a Mary Poppins-style shot.

If you are given the chance, endeavour to go to the «umbrellas» at different points in the day — capturing pictures of the display in sunshine, at sundown and when night falls, when the set up is illuminated by exceptional lamps, is remarkable and unlike any other.