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How wonderful it is to spend a dream vacation in Thessaloniki, a magnificent Greek city with a great number of unique attractions! Alluring coast of the Aegean Sea, amazing nature, a huge amount of entertainment for any taste... Such holiday will appeal to both children and adults. And in order for small visitors of the city not to get bored during holidays in Greece, there is a special place in Thessaloniki for cheerful leisure of all family — a water park “Waterland”.    

About the entertainment complex

On the outskirts of the northern capital of Greece, near the village of Tagarades, a water park “Waterland” is located. On the territory of 150,000 square metres there is everything you need for an active holiday with the whole family. All kinds of slides and a variety of pools, entertainment areas for children of all ages, playgrounds not only in the water but also on the firm ground — the developed infrastructure will allow both children and their parents to have a proper rest.  

Having been opened in 1994, the water park “Waterland” in Thessaloniki became the first one in Greece and the largest one in South-Eastern Europe, and now it holds this position among the Greek entertainment water parks. Nowadays, about 130 000 people annually visit “Waterland”, and during its existence, the fascinating attractions of the park have been visited by almost 3 000 000 visitors. Thessaloniki water park is an active member of the World Waterpark Association. The quality and purity of the water are carefully monitored, as safety and hygiene are the priority points in the policy of this entertainment complex. 

The magnificent green area is thought out to the smallest detail - from fantastic attractions and game areas to souvenir shops and cafes. And what is more, various entertainment shows are held, popular singers perform, funny animators amuse children in the park. They even have their own small zoo. What else do you need for an unforgettable exciting holiday?

Entertainment and attractions

Even though “Waterland” is 25 years old, it is still full of exciting attractions for visitors of all ages. Kids will find a “Pirate Island” with a variety of entertainment, while elder children and adults will be amazed with the exciting slides with springboards “Multislides”, as many as 5 types of twisted “Simvoli slides” and the turbulent stream of “Crazy River”. In 2019, the water park was enriched with a new water slide for fearless visitors — “the Funnel”. The attraction is 20 meters high and offers brave visitors more than 100 meters of travel with turns, a variety of visual effects and the subsequent hit in a funnel of incredible size. By the way, this attraction is the largest in Europe! 

In addition to the breathtaking water slides in Thessaloniki water park there are several pools for children and adults — children's “Kids pool” with low slides, pools with waves, currents, waterfalls and even hydromassage “Zen pool” and “Wave pool”. And in “Tarzan” you can compete in agility and quickness, moving from one side of the pool to the other jumping on the platforms on water surface and using suspended rope structures. There is a large number of sun loungers on the spacious area — you can take -place either by the water or in the shade at some distance from it. 

The infrastructure of the water park “Waterland” provides all kinds of recreation for guests of the complex — there are basketball and volleyball playgrounds, tennis courts, football field, play area for children, children's car rental, medical center, cafes and restaurants, shops and souvenir shops. The territory is equipped with changing rooms and showers. Lifeguards are on duty near each attraction, they watch attentively how safety procedures are fulfilled. 

But still that's not all — there is a real zoo on the territory of “Waterland”! It is a small park where you can see camels, llamas, deer, roe deer, horses and ponies, raccoons, as well as farm animals and birds — sheep, donkeys, cows, wild boars, peacocks, chickens, geese and ducks. All of them live in excellent conditions that fit all relevant requirements and norms.   

On the website of “Waterland”, you can find a detailed plan of the water park with a description of the available attractions, all the necessary information about the cost of tickets, promotions, as well as funny photos and videos.

The Thessaloniki water park “Waterland” is located a dozen kilometers from the northern capital of Greece in the village of Tagarades, which is on the way to Halkidiki peninsula. It is impossible to get here by public transport, so you can choose the most suitable option from the available ones: use a taxi service, order a transfer, rent a car or go by a branded bus of the water park. 

“Waterland” management has provided transport for tourists who do not have the opportunity to reach the water park by a taxi or a car. A large double-decker bus, which runs several times a day, takes passengers from the city to the amusement park and back and is absolutely free of charge. However, you should consider that during the peak season — in July–August — there are many people and the bus is usually crowded.    

The bus departs every day at 9:00, 11:00 and 13:00. The route starts from Monastiriou 67 (opposite Thessaloniki railway station) and passes through the bus stops of “Aristotelous” (stop on Egnatia Avenue opposite Venizelos statue), “Syntrivani” (city bus stop on Egnatia Avenue), “Ippokrateio”, “Mpotsarh”, “Martiou” (city bus stops on Karamanli Avenue) and “Voulgari” (on Karamanli Avenue right before the traffic lights). 

Those who get to the park on their own should pay attention to the signs along the road. Following the highway to Halkidiki, you need to turn right at the sign for Neo Risio, and then just carefully follow the signs leading to “Waterland”.


If you plan to spend a fun day with your family in the Thessaloniki water park “Waterland”, try to consider some details that will help to save money, time and enjoy a trip to the entertainment complex.

  • The tickets to the water park can be purchased in two ways — you can buy them at the box office at the entrance or book online. If your trip is not spontaneous, take the opportunity to save a few euros on the purchase of tickets by ordering them on the website of the water park. Children under 4 years visit the attractions for free, the price for children from 4 to 12 years is 25% lower than the cost of an adult ticket. 
  • If you come to Thessaloniki for a long time and plan to visit the water park several times, you can buy a special card at a very competitive price. This card will give you the opportunity to visit the water park for an unlimited number of times during the season. There are also special offers for visitors with their families. 
  • In the last hours of the water park working time the tickets are sold at a reduced cost. 
  • Sun loungers and sun umbrellas are free, but in order to take a comfortable place in the shade or close to the water, you should come to the time when the water park starts working. 
  • There is a snack bar, restaurants and cafes with reasonable prices. At the same time, you can bring your sandwiches and fruits, grab your favorite juice and have a picnic right in the water park. Ice cream and drinks are sold everywhere. 
  • You must bring your own towels. Also, don't forget about sun cream, headgear and a change of clothes for yourself and the kids.
  • You can leave your things in a special storage room, although most visitors just put them on the sun loungers. 
  • If none of the ways to get to the water park is suitable for you, you can book a tour with local tour operators.
  • The best time to visit “Waterland” is the first half of the day during the week, as there are always many people on weekends and during the peak season. 
  • When driving by yourself, do not trust the navigator — this method will increase the way and lead you to the other side of the water park. Along the highway, there are easily recognizable signs, following which you will quickly appear near the entrance to the water park. There is a large car park for visitors near the “Waterland”.

Let the time spent in the water park ””Waterland” bring a lot of bright emotions and unforgettable impressions about the holiday in Thessaloniki!