Thessaloniki International Exhibition
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The International Exhibition Center is the main venue for trade fairs and consumer exhibitions in Thessaloniki. The building of the center is located in the heart of the city, which is very comfortable for using different types of transport.

The events held in the center are very popular. That’s why this place became one of the most visited by foreign guests in the city. Every year, in early September, here occurs an international trade fair. During this time, it welcomes thousands of visitors, not only from all over Greece, but also from other countries. The event lasts a whole week.

The fair includes both expositions of various products, as well as cultural and entertainment events. More than 300 000 guests visit popular center during this time. The fair opens with the speech of the Prime Minister of Greece setting out the policy of his government. This makes the event not only important from a commercial perspective, but also politically significant.

History of the Exhibition Center

The International exhibition center boasts a long history. It all began in 1925, when deputy Nikolaos Germanos decided to organize an international fair, which would attract the attention of major Greek and foreign businessmen.

In October 1926, the grand opening of the first international fair in Thessaloniki took place. The event called Helexpo got a successful start, so organizers continued to work stably in the direction they had begun.

In 1940, the fair was finally transferred to it’s current location. However, the work of the center had to be interrupted for some time due to the Second World War.

The peak of success of the center was in 1966. At this time, a famous fair was visited by a record number of guests.

After such success, the center continued to organize a variety of fairs and exhibitions. Due to the increase in the scale of events in 1970, the larger pavilions were built on the territory. Sponsors began organizing not only exhibition, but also cultural and entertainment events in newly equipped places.

Center building

The total area of ​​the Helexpo Exhibition Center (TIF HELEXPO) is 180 000 sq.m. The complex of 17 interconnected pavilions house indoor exhibition venues.

There are also conference centers, sports and entertainment complexes, citizens’ service centers, offices of development agencies, banks and museums in the center.

For greater convenience of visitors, there are equipped parking lots and catering places on the territory.

In addition, the territory of the center includes a 76-meter OTE Tower.

The rooms of the tower are used for organizing exhibitions, so you should also visit it.

The International Exhibition Center is located near the main attractions of Thessaloniki, a 5-minute walk from the White Tower.

Therefore, getting here during the tour is quite simple both on foot and using public transport.

There is the Mousia bus stop near the center building. There go buses number 12, 39, 58 and 78.


  • It would be a mistake to think that the exhibition center is a place for adults only. There are also children's entertainments, which are organized here during the fair. Therefore, you can safely go to the center with children.
  • You must consider the fact that you will have to walk a lot, because the territory of the center is quite large. In addition, it is important to get to the center during the main fair or other large exhibitions. Only in that case you can fully feel the atmosphere and see many interesting things. Otherwise, there is a risk of finding most of the pavilions empty.
  • Before visiting the center, it is better to check the schedule of events. You can find it on the Helexpo official website.
  • The price of admission depends on the event and the number of guests. On the website, you can learn more about the information and prices of tickets to attend major events that will take place in the near future.